Poster Our Happy Holiday

Patrick Cassir

Our Happy Holiday

Genre : Comedy

Director : Patrick Cassir
Scenario : Camille Chamoux and Patrick Cassir
Cast : Camille Chamoux, Jonathan Cohen, Camille Cottin, Jeremy Elkaïm, Vincent Dedienne,
Coproduction : NJJ Entertainment, Le Pacte, C8 Films

Distribution : Le Pacte
International Sales : Le Pacte

Released on January 2, 2019

Available on DVD and SVOD 


Four Moroccan young women from different walks of life come together in the face of an injustice. Despite their contrasting social backgrounds and aspirations, their shared desire for emancipation and their quests for love quickly unite them, forging unbreakable bonds.



Best Actress Award for Camille Chamoux – Sarlat Film Festival 2018