Unlikely Stepmom

Serie 8×26’
Genre : comedy

Created by : Agnès Hurstel, Victor Saint-Macary, Léa Domenach
Based on an original idea from Agnès Hurstel
Scenario : Agnès Hurstel and Léa Domenach
Director : Fanny Sidney
Cast : Agnès Hurstel, R. Jonathan Lambert, Jehanne Pasquet, Marie Papillon, Thomas Gioria, Paul Mirabel, Nordine Ganso, Lison Daniel, Baya Kasmi, Ophelia Kolb

Broadcaster : OCS

Broadcast on September, 2nd



This is a story about Prune, a young standup on a dry spell who falls in love with broken down, middle-aged Francis. Sexy, right? Wrong. Because he comes with a daughter, Alma, his tiny sidekick with an even tinier sense of humor.

It’s a story about Prune who suddenly turns stepmom, even though she has the mental age of a five-year-old. And whose life becomes her worst nightmare… until she realizes it’s comedy gold.

It’s a story about Prune and motherhood. Unwanted but kind of LOL. Definitely unwanted. Definitely LOL.



Best original soundtrack in French competition –
Séries Mania 2021

Best TV show in French competition –
Séries Mania 2021